Questionnaire to shops

Thank you for taking time to answer the questions and to provide us with tips and ideas, which I will discuss below. We got some excellent feedback!

From 50 sent questionnaires to shops we got  12 back.

1     The art exhibited in my business was of a high standard.
12 agree

2     Communication from the Artastique Team was helpful and clear.
11 agree
1 disagree

3     My linked artist was professional and well organised.
11 agree
1 disagree

4     Sharing the first weekend with the IF writers festival worked well.
6 agree
4 didn’t know
2 disagree

5     I have noticed my business being tagged on Instagram & Facebook.
7 agree
3 disagree
2 didn’t know

6     I have noticed more foot traffic than usual.
9 agree
2 disagree
1 didn’t know

7     I got more visitors into my shop/business.
6 agree
4 disagree
2 didn’t know

8     I want to offer my window for next year again.
11 agree
1 not sure yet


– Please extend the exhibition to go another week longer to take advantage while the Taste Festival is on.
Grants are depending on how close together events are scheduled. A same date means no grant for one of the events (which of course will be us; the newcomers).
For 2020 we didn’t go for a big grant and decided to snuggle up to Taste, but shortly in advance Taste changed their dates to one weekend later. So … no grant and no extra visitors from Taste   

– You can have our window longer next year
We keep this in mind. Thank you so much.

Click here to see the survey for the artists   

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