Q & A

What do I have to do?

Commit to allowing a display space in your window for the allotted time.
You will be contacted by an artist at the beginning of January 2021. Liaise with the artist on what your display will entail. It’s a collaboration between business and artist.

Why be a part of Artastique?

The vision is for an event that puts the visual arts on the map for Maitland. This will draw people into the heart of Maitland’s shopping district. Artastique will attract an audience right to the shopfronts of participating businesses increasing your business profile and potentially increasing sales.

What are the costs?

For artists: $ 40 only AFTER you have been chosen.
For shops: Nothing

Will the art be for sale?

Yes all artworks will be for sale. Sales will be handled by the artists themselves through either a direct phone number displayed with the work or a website and email contact. No monies will be handled by the business or the organisators of Artastique. The artist will manage purchases, receipts, and delivery.

Is the art insured?

The artist is responsible for insuring their work.

Can I choose an artist that I know?

Yes. As long as the artist is working in the visual arts. The artist needs to complete an application and pay a participation fee.

Can I decide on the art that is displayed by my business?

Yes. You can meet and discuss your preferred art with the artist. Alternatively, any of the artist members of the Artastique Working Group are happy to select an artist and art for you.

Do I get a percentage of any art sales?

No. The artists will pay an entry fee and are responsible for installing and removing their work. 100% of sales return to the artist

Do I need council approval to participate?

No. This initiative is a project developed and run by a private community group and does not impact on any council areas of responsibility

How many businesses are participating?

The first year 40 Businesses were participating. In 2020 we had 58. For 2021 we are expecting about 50 because of the closing of a few shops.
At this stage only businesses on High Street will be invited, but expansion in future years is hoped for.