Best window competition 2020

This year we have seen some really good presentations and collaborations between the artist and the shop owner.
Every window has it’s own challenges. There are easy windows with an instant good stage and there are windows that demand for some gear to install. There are businesses with almost no windows. But we all are learning every year how to get the best out of every little corner in High Street.

It was a tight race … But the ‘Best Window Prize’ for this year went toooooooo …… Anna Eggenhuizen with a cash prize of $500 ….. and Karina Armstrong of Hunted with a dinner voucher of $200 to spend at Fratelli Roma.

Anna brought in a beautiful old door to hang her artworks on, finished with a cute little fence and fairy lights at night.
Karina collaborated and generously offered half of her window space.
Congratulations Anna and Karina.

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