Thank you! And the video of 2019

Thanks again artists and shop owners, for making the first Artastique such a great success with a budget on a shoestring. When we decided to turn the idea into a real happening only six months earlier, we never expected it would be such a smooth operation.

A couple of weeks ago we got your surveys back. There were a lot of similar and positive answers to our questions. Your comments included many excellent suggestions we certainly will consider for Artastique 2020 – Because … of course there will be a next one!

We know there were sales from Artastique and there are some commissions also, but we don’t know exactly how many.

It was a bit of a bummer the rain on the second Saturday that spoiled the cellophane Street Art event. But … we still have the artists, the cellophane and the paint waiting to get a second chance. And that will be happening soon, on a date to be announced here in the next couple of months.

The red and shiny balloons (photo) got a lot of compliments and worked well in highlighting our wonderful Artastique businesses, but the balloons needed a lot of attention. Every night we checked them, tried to replace the empty ones and remounted the disobedient bamboo sticks. Next year we will use something similarly eye-catching, but less high-maintenance…

We happily noticed that some artists made something extra out of their given window, by placing matching products and decorations from their shop around the art. Great job! We also saw a couple of artists making an extra effort by running a competition. Well done. We love to see these initiatives. Another few artists let us know they were offered possibilities to show their work after Artastique. Wow, new business relationships are such a fantastic result. And this was only the first Artastique!
We are so looking forward to what will happen in the next few years as more and more Maitland businesses and Australian artists join the Artastique community!

Flags of 2019

The promotion flags came in today!
Because of our tiny budget we need to use our & the artist’s creativity. 
Hopefully there is somebody out there who lives along a busy road and can have one of our promotion flags on their fence. It’s double printed, so maybe we even can hang it on a funny place.

Btw … Les Darcy wanted to hold it a few seconds for the picture only 😉